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Allied Specialists, established in 1988, is a professional organisation, specialising in identification and management of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) for both the commercial and domestic sectors.

Asbestos fibres are believed to have been used in over 4,000 different products and have been identified in over 15,000 patents.  ACMs were used extensively within buildings in Great Britain between the 1950s through to the mid 1980s, with a total ban by the year 2000.

Click here for a visual plan of common ACM product locations.

Although some of these materials have been removed over the years, it is estimated that over half a million non-domestic premises currently have some form of ACMs in them, which must be managed, whether work is being carried out, or not.

Estimates for domestic properties vary from 60-75% and they must identify and manage the risk prior to carrying out any work, be it DIY or employing a trades person or contractor.

Contrary to popular belief, Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) do not always need to be removed. ACM's that are in good condition and are not likely to be damaged or disturbed are sometimes best left in place and managed. Their condition is easily established by carrying out a risk assessment that can be included within an Asbestos Register. Current regulations require commercial buildings built before the year 2000 to have an asbestos management plan for all presumed ACM's.

Allied Specialists have a proven track record for delivering an efficient, cost effective service to both our commercial and residential clients. All our surveyors possess the required P402 certification to ensure compliance with HSG 264, the industry guidance for Asbestos Management.